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What is Sustainability ?

Everything around us is impacted by big data today. The phenomenon took shape earlier in this decade and there are now a growing number of compelling ways in which big data analytics is being applied to solve real-world problems.
Data gathering is becoming advanced and so is our ability to analyze and understand copious amounts of it. Better computational strength and enhanced connectivity are driving the information revolution. According to an esti0mate by IBM, by 202 there will be 300 times more information than we had in 2005. Understandably, there are immense possibilities which arise from proper utilization of this data and environment sustainability is one of them. Out of the many promises of big data, enviroment sustainability is one of the most important ones to implement and maintain. Why so?Climate change has moved to the top of the list of global risks, affecting every country and disrupting economies. While a major part of this damage is irreversible, it is still possible with use of a wide range of technological measures to control the global increase in temperature. Big data can generate useful insights,that can be as relevant towards fostering environment sustainability as they have been to other sectors such as healthcare.

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