Data Intelligence

With AI, machine learning, big data and business intelligence, the amount of data available and its handling has become a center-point for new developments and technologies.


Real time visability

We at DLT Company are ourselves data-driven, striving to be the go-to hub for professionals or anyone interested in big data services. The sheer magnitude of data we wrangle can appear overwhelming, so making our product comprehensible and accessible is crucial. We want you to leverage it in the best way possible. We work diligently to become the biggest treasure-trove of cyber intelligence data around, and while we’ve written about the different types of, it’s important to tackle the subject of data intelligence itself.


What is data intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are widely used not just as terms, but as technologies that are sneaking into all industries and business fields. Well, “sneaking” would be an understatement; with all the attention they’re getting, AI and machine learning are making their big entrance, right through the door.Many developments have resulted from the use of AI and machine learning, and many more are to come. Data intelligence is one of those developments.Data intelligence is the interaction and analysis of diverse configurations of data in a way that is meaningful, for transforming the data into forms that will provide insight for a company’s or organization’s decision-making for future undertakings.Wit and the volume of information needed to be consumed for different types of investigation and analysis, data intelligence is an extension to the traditional way in which we see and digest data.Combining AI and machine learning provides organizations with the ability to analyze massive datasets much more reliably and noticeably faster. Besides that, the data is arranged by established models for storing datasets of that size. These datasets provide insights that help organisations discover and develop new opportunities within the marketplace.
Some of the industries with the biggest need for big data and data intelligence are Cybersecurity Law enforcement Insurance Finance Health The most reliable analysis of data itself is done with focus on five components:
- Descriptive data
- Prescriptive data
- Decisive data
- Predictive data







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